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Define the outcome

1. What is the total transformation or change that SUPER SCALE coaching creates for you?

Are you a new business owner who is looking to grow your business? Have you felt endless stress because your strategies are just not working to create success? Alen Zivkovic, author of My Solution – 10 Steps To Getting Contracts For Exporting Worldwide, has successfully been growing his own business for over fifteen years and is now sharing the knowledge that he has gained throughout his career to assisting you in taking your business to the next level and help you to get global contracts.

It is said that only one in twelve entrepreneurs end up being successful, and the reason for that is a lack of knowledge and the lack of the proper foundation for your business. It would be best if you had a solid foundation to help grow your business to its true potential, and Alen shares how you can make that happen within this book. He also lets you know how to develop a strong business intuition, which can significantly help you find success. Super Scale program – contains ten strategies for growing your business that will give you confidence in yourself, to make the changes needed. When developing your business, you need to be very hands-on and put in the effort at the start to pay off in the end. The more you do to build up that foundation, the more likely it is that your business will stand strong years later.

Stop sitting there feeling drained and overwhelmed because your business is not taking off like you thought it would—instead, your business, and yourself, the best chance at being successful. Instead, start reading Alen Zivkovic’s book, My Solution – 10 Steps To Getting Contracts For Exporting Worldwide today and sign up for this business-changing program.

In this program, you will learn about:
  • starting your business on a new level and detaching yourself from it
  • building the backbone of your business so that you have a strong foundation from which you can move further
  • positioning your business on a competitive global market to get worldwide contracts
  • recognizing TA drivers that are not useful for your success along the way
By taking my program, you’ll have total confidence when stepping to the following international stage of your entrepreneur path and outperforming even the experts in just a couple of hours per day. So, add this program to your cart now and make your best Solution for your business future.
2. How do I help YOU transition from your current situation to your desired position (the outcome)?

I have written SUPER SCALE coaching program to assist business owners in growing their businesses and helping them get global contracts. I have been successfully running my own business for over fifteen years now, and I would like to share all I have learned in this book to help others find success. Entrepreneurs only have a one in twelve chance of finding success, so I felt the need to share all the steps I took to enable you to keep a business running properly.

If you have been trying to grow your business but are just not showing results, this program is for you. I discuss the ten steps in growing your business so that you can come out on the other end feeling confident and less stressed. It is all about how you structure your business and help it grow towards an international level. I also include tips on being your mentor and talk about how the more you put into the company at the start, the more it will pay off.

3. How long does the transformation take? (days, weeks, months)

The program lasts 10 weeks. The objective is to get the feel of the program and the chemistry/trust between the client and myself. I will also talk about TA drivers, midset, unlocking their superpowers.

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