Affiliate program

Affiliate Program

Register for the Affiliate program Viral Solution Coaching and earn from every realized order!

1. What is the Affiliate Program Viral Solution Coaching and what can you get?

An affiliate program is an affiliate commission system based on a partnership between websites. The partnership is based on a link from the partner’s website to the Viral Solution Coaching website. By placing a link – an ad for our products – the partner will receive a financial commission from the sale, ie. from each realized order through a link from partner sites. In addition to the financial reward, the partner will also increase traffic to their website. Just place a banner that will redirect visitors from your website to our website.

Thanks to the cookie technology, they can determine which Affiliate program partner provided the visit – based on which a commission is paid.

Commission amount:
20% off product prices without discount
How to register?

Choose a banner from our offer and upload it to your website.

At the end of the month, you will receive a financial commission from all executed orders that have been realized through the banner on your website.

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