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Alen Zivkovic is a remarkable individual with over 23 years of experience coaching beginners and ATP players in tennis. Alen’s background as a former competitive tennis player and professional and a university-educated coach has given him exceptional skills in managing and leading teams of young people. That’s not all; Alen is also an accomplished entrepreneur who successfully founded his own company, Monell Pro d.o.o., in 2006. As one of Slovenia’s leading computer and electrical hardware equipment developers, Alen has worked on more than 4,300 projects in the EU.

He even created the STK patent, a revolutionary innovation in IT hardware SOHO cabinets that was successfully brought to market. With an impressive list of references, including involvement with Slovenia Public Institutes, the Office of the Prime Minister and the President’s Cabinet, and the Ministries of the Republic of Slovenia, Alen’s expertise is widely and highly recognized. He has also supplied projects in the EU and outside the EU, including projects for one of Slovenia’s biggest telecommunication companies, Iskratel d.o.o. Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits and love of sports, Alen is passionate about continuous learning and growth. He has completed more than 150 hours of didactical and individual training in TA (transactional analysis), which has helped him achieve the high goals he has set for himself.

My Solution

I am describing the period when starting my business and getting to the first sales of my product.
The second stage of developing business, questioning your methods and detaching yourself from your product
Everything takes time, be patient. Do not rush things, and don’t forget about yourself along the way.
You are building your business with no contacts and learning how to dedicate yourself to more things at the same time. Respect everything you do in your company.
You can be your own mentor. Continuously develop your business because stagnation will make your business lag behind the competition.
How can drivers limit your potential to succeed? First, get to know your drivers and how you can use that to your advantage.
You are getting to know your life positions and learning how to pay attention to transactions you make with people.
What is your killer business intuition and being aware of your emotions for better results?
You are setting up your vision and positioning your company and yourself accordingly.
Build your team if you don’t want to burn out. Importance of marketing skills to scale your business in the future and become a global distributor.
My Solution describes 10 steps on the entrepreneur’s business path

In this book you will learn about:

In terms of strategic and personal development. Understanding each step will help you develop your worldwide business without burning out along the way.

I help small businesses get their first international contract with my SUPER SCALE method without investing additional time or money.



    My Solution

    10 Steps To Getting Contracts For Exporting Worldwide

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    You can find distribution products of structural cabling, optical communications, communication racks, STK home cabinets on a company page, Monell pro d.o.o.

    Monell pro d.o.o. is an authorized distributor of the Excel Structured Cabling System. Excel Registration No: 5498